Ongoing project 2017


Poland, Tarnów 2017. Bus line number 9. The oldest and longest in the city. Ongoing project, some photographs now, whole story soon.



 April 2017


Catania town in Italy, Sicily. The town in the shade of Mount Etna, whose development was greatly influenced by the volcanic dust that made the soil. One of the poorest regions of Italy. Half of the young people left the city for a better life. Streets full of emigrants mainly from Africa. Mixing tradition with new culture. Empathy, humanity with exploitation, corruption and crime. Etnaland, a beautiful and worrying place. Like Etna. Like Europe.


More Photographs from Catania 



March 2017


Jakub, the man whose life was suddenly affected by the disease and changed over the course of the week. There were no alternatives. It look his legs and his old world. It gave changes, huge challenges, overestimated everything. Jakub, a man with hopes and a plan for tomorrow. An example, that nothing in life is certain, tomorrow is unknown and every good day is a gift from fate. Ongoing project. Long term.