Red City – First Step


There are places on earth where you often feel like you are on a different planet. People and culture, a way of life, architecture make the admiration mixed with disbelief. There comes a reflection that it is a luck to be born and live in Europe … after a while, you think that happiness does not go beyond the framework of your knowledge and every person has their own, closed in their world, even if the borders of that world expand the widest imagination circles. In Morocco, I was, first of all, looking for the truth about people living their everyday lives. What I tried to ignore were tourist places, because isn’t it our interest that is the cause of unhappiness of the monkey dressed in nappies and dripping blood from the metal collar around its neck? Is it not for tourists that the exotic animals are tranquilised with God knows what, so a tourist can take a selfie with a drugged cobra in the background? Africa is not this type of a circus for me. I was looking ambitiously for the exotic ordinariness of everyday life. I’m afraid I did not rise up to the challenge. You can not get to know and show the truth about such a different world from my experience in only a couple of days. Quickly, I decided that I have no right to even think about the fact that I cannot cheat and pretend that I can show more in the photograph than I know and feel, pretending to show something closer than I managed to really get. Morocco, its people, and culture roused great respect and seriousness in me. Also, roused ambition and curiosity in me, therefore I will definitely return to Morocco and I hope that I will be able to realise the project with the initial name “colours”, please keep your fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I present Morocco mixed up with light, shadow, and colours. My more artistic style than a hard street vision of the city. Such is my first, shy step towards something more … the first one, however, I believe that the most important one.




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